What we do

Real estate appraisals play a pivotal role in today’s business climate. A true and well supported opinion of property value can mean the difference between reaching a critical goal – securing a loan, closing a sale, reporting to investors, choosing the best asset – or failing to achieve it altogether.

ABMS Chartered Appraisers’ reports are designed to deliver insight into a property’s fundamentals, its competition and the overall market dynamics affecting value. We believe that a solid appraisal report can be a strategic asset for investors, lenders and owners, provided that it addresses both a property’s unique characteristics and the big picture.

Our commitment to high-end client service, coupled with unparalleled market intelligence and resources continues to differentiate us as the firm of choice in the real estate industry. With its unique and expanding platform, ABMS Chartered Appraisers’ continues to attract the valuation industry’s leading professionals and provide a full range of expertise across all commercial property types. Our professionals share a commitment to deliver the highest level of service and the best client experience possible. We go the extra mile to deliver results, whether this means meeting a tight deadline, working with a complex and challenging property or delivering consistent results when valuing nationwide portfolios.

All of our appraisals are evaluated and approved by an experienced review team to ensure our clients receive clear, concise, and timely appraisals. Because we recognize that superior technology is not enough, our professionals stand committed to our clients’ success and will go the extra mile to provide exceptional customer service.

Real estate valuation is at the heart of our professional services and we deliver these services within a scope customized to each client’s need. Our competencies run the gamut of standard commercial properties such as office, retail, multi-family, and industrial property types and specialty asset classes for valuation service needs, including:

  • Mortgage financing
  • Capital market transactions
  • Valuation for financial reporting (VFR)
  • Property assessment, revaluation, and tax protest
  • Institutional, pension fund, REIT,
  • Open space preservation/government acquisition
  • Matrimonial/equitable distribution pertaining to commercial properties
  • Private and corporate estate planning/estate filing
  • Corporate planning, accounting, & strategy
  • Securities and exchange (SEC) compliance
  • Pipeline and business disputes
  • Private and investment equity buy-sell decisions
  • Asset management and fund performance tracking
  • Arbitration/dispute resolution
  • Appraisal reviews and portfolio-level analytics
  • Government investigations, fraud, or claims
  • Government mark-to-market accounting
  • Forensic valuation studies